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Hedge trimming and stump removal in Stotfold, Hitchin

At A1 Tree Specialist we provide a hedge trimming and reduction service. With our highly skilled personnel we are able to create the exact look you want for your hedge.

In addition, we offer a stump removal service for those who wish to replant or build anything within that area..

What does hedge trimming and reduction involve?

  • Regular trimming with A1 tree specialists promotes tight and full growth for your hedge.

    Furthermore, it is sometimes necessary for a reduction in height, so if you need any advise on the right course of action to take don't hesitate to contact us.

Stump Removal

  • At A1 Tree Specialist  the stump is ground out to between 12" and 18" below ground level allowing replanting or building to take place.

    It is often the case where any of the above processes can coincide, for instance you may need to reduce and lift a trees crown at the same time.

    If this does occur then experts at A1 Tree Specialist  would advise you of this upon inspection of the trees concerned.
Hedge Trimming - hitchin - a1 Tree Specialists - Stump Removal Hedge Trimming - hitchin - a1 Tree Specialists - Stump Removal

If you have any enquiries please call A1 Tree Specialist now on
01462 733 563 or
07795 556 373

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