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Crown service in Stotfold, Hitchin

A1 Tree Specialist provides an extremely high quality service to maintain the crown of your tree. Here is a brief description of each of our services.

Crown Cleaning

  • This process involves removing dead, dying or diseased branches within the crown and also shortening back heavy, longer branches.This process is used to prevent accidents & injury in residential areas (gardens where children are playing etc)
    Deadwood has a huge ecological value so in less sensitive areas i.e. open parkland where the tree doesn’t pose risk of injury, no action would be required.

Crown Reduction

  • This process reduces a tree's crown whilst still maintaining its natural shape. It is often used to enable more light over and around the tree, also if the tree is close to buildings, swimming pools and ponds it can help with time consuming clean ups.

Crown Thinning

  • Involves removing some of the inner branches evenly throughout the crown, generally to create a dappled light through the crown.

Crown Lifting

  • Removal of selected branches & limbs from the lower part of the crown. Can be used to help mow the lawn more comfortably or improve sightlines when pulling out of your drive.
Crown service - Hitchin - A1 Tree Specialists - Crown Reduction Crown service - Hitchin - A1 Tree Specialists - Crown Reduction

If you have any enquiries please call A1 Tree Specialist now on
01462 733 563 or
07795 556 373

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